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15 reasons why an Amazon Prime membership is worth the $139 annual fee

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By William Antonelli Updated Oct 12, 2022, 8:40 AM

But at $139 a year — or $14.99 a month — a Prime subscription can take a big chunk out of your wallet. So even if you're an Amazon die-hard, you have to ask the question: Is Amazon Prime worth the money?

Save on shipping costs

Free shipping is one of the key benefits of Amazon Prime. 


Your Prime membership includes free two-day delivery on over 10 million items. And if your order is over $25, you might even unlock free one-day or same-day shipping. Without Prime, you'll only get free regular shipping if your order is over $25. Without Prime, shipping fees usually cost between $4 and $10. This means that it doesn't take many purchases with Prime's free shipping to start noticing your savings.

Order fresh groceries with two-hour delivery

You can order groceries with Amazon Prime in many locations. 

Amazon operates two different grocery store brands: Whole Foods and Amazon Fresh. With a Prime subscription, you can order groceries and everyday essentials from both brands and have the products delivered right to your doorstep. And the prices aren't much different than those in physical grocery stores.

Save money with Prime Day and exclusive deals

Amazon Prime Day is an annual shopping holiday, like Black Friday or Cyber Monday, where thousands of items go on sale. Log into Amazon on Prime Day, and you'll find gadgets, furniture, clothing, accessories, and more selling for lower prices than they do all year.

But here's the catch: Those deals only show up for Prime subscribers. Aside from free shipping, Prime Day is probably the number one way to save money with your Prime membership. If you've been saving up for a certain product, like a TV or game console, check it out on Prime day for the best price.

Buy your medications at lower prices

Amazon Prime Rx is a newer feature that lets users find the cheapest prices for their medications, and have those medications shipped either to them or a nearby pharmacy. You don't need to have insurance to use Prime Rx. For users spending hundreds of dollars each month on medications, Prime Rx can be a life-saver.

Give yourself time and flexibility

The best part about Prime is flexibility. 

More so than money, maybe the most valuable thing Amazon Prime can give you is time. Between quick shipping times and release-day deliveries on brand new products, you'll rarely have to wait long for your orders to arrive.

Features like Amazon Day and Amazon Key In-Garage deliveries give you more control over when your packages arrive too. You don't need to worry about missing your deliveries because you're not home.

Amazon Prime gets you millions of items quickly and cheaply. There are few deals better for your money.

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